“I'm motivated to keep my space clutter-free!”

I was overwhelmed with the amount of "stuff" we as a family have in the house, and didn't even know where to start. Robin had me choose three priority spaces at the consult, and we then worked on them together. She walked me through my closet clean-out and literally had to hold my hand at one point! I now feel good about getting rid of items I thought I needed to keep - my mind is so much more clear without the clutter around me!

- A.W., Pensacola FL

"We found over $300 when Robin came to organize!"

Robin with “Real Life Organized” truly transformed my house and life. I was beyond overwhelmed with clutter and living in a very small, old house - storage and space is very limited. She is extremely practical and efficient making the process of getting organized and decluttering easy and sustainable. It has been almost 6 months and I'm still organized. I found over $300 in change with which I got an Amazon gift card! Truly was like Christmas - I found things I forgot I even had. I don’t ever want to go back to a cluttered house again! Having Robin clear clutter and organize was a huge stress relief and made me realize you don’t need so much stuff! Extremely creative on storage solutions! It is worth every penny and I truly believe everyone needs Robin, and to get Real Life Organized!

- Kerry C., Nashville TN

"I can entertain friends and family now!"

Real Life Organized is amazing — Practical and creative solutions for home organization to live your best life each day. I hired Robin to organize my kitchen, guest bedroom and master closet. She efficiently assessed the areas, sorted materials, and patiently helped purge items to donate, or throw away. With my RLO kitchen, I feel more motivated to cook and can easily find items to entertain friends. My guest bedroom started out as a storage room and is now a clean guest bedroom ready to host friends and family. My master closet is now cleared of old items and I can easily put together outfits. Robin is professional, encouraging, and hard-working!

- Jennifer K., Dallas TX

"This is what she is meant to do!"

I highly recommend Robin and her company, Real Life Organized. I hired her earlier this year to help my family of four move. She helped us pack at the old place before the movers arrived and then unpack at the new place a day or two after the movers left. She could pack up at least three boxes in the timeframe that I could pack one box. She's incredibly fast and organized. I've recommended her to many, many friends and will definitely hire her in the future for general organization and if/when we move again. One of the best parts? She'll travel to you no matter where you live!

- Andrea C., Nashville TN

"I was able to get rid of 900 pounds of office files!"

Real Life Organized is a real live saver for me!  Robin has helped me with numerous projects at my house. I needed to organize my office and create a better filing system (as in, I didn't really have a functioning filing system), which she did masterfully, including mailing 900 lbs (yes, 900 lbs!) of files to my corporate office. Furthermore, she assisted with organizing (AND PURGING!!!) my closets.  It was like a huge weight had been lifted - I could easily find things and function better in my day to day life.

My basement was a mess - a true "catch-all" for stuff and junk.  Robin dug in deep to create shelving units and organized areas for storage, party accessories, coolers, etc.  It is so easy now to go down there and grab what I need, whether it be extra paper towels or a gift bag for a birthday present, as I run out the door! I also have a small galley kitchen and small bathrooms (just part of living in an older house), and Robin not only sorted through all of the items, but came up with ingenious ideas for better storage, including drawers and different stacking shelves to truly maximize a small space. She works extremely hard and does whatever it takes to make things happen easily for her clients. I plan to continue to use her for different projects. I can also promise you that you will not be disappointed - she has made my crazy REAL LIFE much more ORGANIZED!

Sarah D., Nashville TN